And Their Eyes Glazed Over

In My opinion, the author of this piece Joelle Renstrom is simply the victim of being caught during a generational change. When Joelle is recollecting on how things used to be and how much better the old times were, I was struck by how much she reminds me of my grandparents describing rock and roll. Humans have a tendency to dislike change and to think of the past as being better. Renstrom describes how “Gone are the days when they gabbed about the impossible chemistry midterm they just took or the quality of the food at the dining halls.” But what do these conversations bring? what is the point of having small talk about insignificant things? If a student decides to not pay attention it doesn’t matter if they’re on their computers or simply pretending to listen, they’re not listening. I feel that Renstrom is caught up in her ways and is too stubborn to accept that times are changing and people and technology are more closely related now then ever before.


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